Apartment Huba – Hajdúszoboszló

Our apartments are three completely separate parts. In the first part of two rooms, living room and kitchen, and it consists of two apartments.

Accommodation Our position bathing area, calm, quiet, crowded places, familiar surroundings, near the entrance to a beach about. 2-3 minutes to find.

I would like to offer all our apartments family, groups of friends,who for carefree relaxation, rest or, but they also love to have fun.

This provides more opportunities now 2010 It opened in March of adventure and has been operating for many years Aqua Park, and us 250 municipal swimming pool is in meters.

Our accommodation is fully equipped with modern conveniences. Enclosed courtyard parking, ping-pong-ozást, barbecue in our garden, dialing, We provide cooking options.

guests also have the option of cycling (2 by bicycle) in the vicinity (500 m) fishing pond, sightseeing, and shopping.


Name: Apartment Huba

Title: 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Huba street 4.

Car: +36 (70) 615-3462 (We speak Romanian)

Our prices

Live- season (01.03-06.20. and 08.26-12.28.): 3.500 EUR / person / night

season (06.20-08.01.): 4.000 EUR / person / night

high-season (08.01-08.26.): 5.000 EUR / person / night

The local tax is paid on the spot, the rate of:
500.- EUR / person / night (18 for guests over the age of)


Reservations / Request for

Apartment Huba - Hajdúszoboszló